Foothills Mennonite Church is an Anabaptist Christian faith community that desires to embody, share and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


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 “And remember, I am with you always…” Summer Worship Series 2017

This summer in worship our congregation will be exploring the theme “And remember, I am with you always…” that has emerged from the Gospel of Matthew.  The New Testament scholar, Brevard Childs suggests that the key to understanding the Gospel according to Matthew is to see it through the last paragraph of the book – the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-19). In his gospel, Matthew is not a simple re-telling of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.  His aim is to see who the living ministry of Jesus continue to shape the life of the church in the years to come.  In many ways, “the earthly time of Jesus” and “the time of the church” have been fused together. Because Jesus is confessed as alive, and the way the Great Commission is given at the end of the story, Matthew’s portrayal of Christ encompasses, in its full dimension, both the pre-resurrection time of Jesus on earth and the post-resurrection time of the church. Thus, the historical lines between the earthly Jesus and the latter church’s experience of his presence as Lord have been blurred. This may have been a literary reflex, but more likely it was intentional so that the story of Jesus becomes an avenue to the future, rather than locked into past history.